Seven signs of having an exceptional boss


We've all had our pick of the lot experiences when it comes to great leaders and some not-so-great bosses in the span of our careers. While the horrible ones leave us dejected and with rant sessions that run into hours, it's the good ones that can mould, mentor and motivate us to strive for leadership qualities.

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Here are seven leadership trait you should emulate to be an exceptional boss


A great leader never makes the achievements of the organisation his own. They willingly share credit with their team. The needs of the team and the organization are above themselves.

Encourages a healthy work-life balance

A good leader doesn't stall your request for a vacation or a dentist appointment. They understand that a healthy work-life balance is important for dedication at work.

Impeccable hiring acumen

A good leader understands the right mix required to make the team perform at its optimum capacity. Hence, there is more purposefulness when he\she goes about looking to hire. They don't hire in a rush and are aware that the apt personnel is more important than policy.

Nurtures more leaders

A great leader has the ability to create mould more leaders. They can pick the leader from the fluff and work closely to imbibe leadership quality to test one's mettle to lead the pack.

Doesn't entertain finger pointing

Failure isn't necessarily a bad thing, great leaders understand that. Therefore, they take their defeat in their stride and learn from their mistakes. They don't shift the blame on their team members, rather they display a never-say-die attitude encouraging the team to learn from their mistakes.

Confidence in competency

Confidence and competence need to go hand-in-hand, as without the other spells doom. Great leaders are confident about their and their team members' abilities. They also need to be competent enough to achieve short-term and long-term goals in a timely fashion.


No, they don't have to be comics to have a good sense of humor. However, exhibit the ability to take a few personal jokes or about the company in their stride. This opens an environment among employees to have light-hearted fun and bond while they are it.

In addition to the above, great bosses encourage training, networking and education. They don't worry that their employees will outshine them. Instead, they push their employees to give their best and scale up in life.