5 small aspects people judge your personality with


Whether you're going for a job interview or meeting a client for the first time, your body language and behavior is the key for them to form a positive judgment of you. From how often you check your phone to the firmness of your handshake, you are being sized up without you even noticing it. These small mannerisms speak a whole lot about a person's psychology and personality.

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If you wish to grab attention and stay in people's mind, here are five things which would help them gauge you in a better light.

How punctual you are as a person

Being punctual should be taken up as a thumb-rule for a driven and dedicated personality. A proactive person will always be punctual as he is mentally-organized, self-motivated and values his own time as well as that of everybody else's. If you're chronically late, people will start to perceive you as a laidback individual who needs a lesson in time management.

Your handwriting can reveal a lot about you

Judging an individual based on their handwriting is nothing new. If you put a lot of pressure on your pen, you'll come across as someone who is stubborn and over-confident. Large letters suggest that you're people-oriented where as small letters indicate that you're introverted. Studies show that if your letters slant to the right, then you're friendly and sentimental. If they slant to the left, then you're introspective by nature.

How often you check your phone

Constantly picking up your phone in the middle of a conversation is no considered rude, but also a sign of being finicky and restless. Do you do it while waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant or because you are going to receive an important text from your parent? Or do you simply keep checking your phone to boost your mood? How often you fiddle with your phone reveals major personality characteristics of a person.

How you treat support staff

Your behaviour towards receptionists and waiters is observed by several interviewers as it is an important tactic to judge your personality. Some people pretend to be courteous and polite in front of 'important' people, but the moment they walk out of the door, they begin to treat their subordinate with disdain and indifference. Business lunches are one such place where people judge you based on how you treat others.

Your handshake says a lot about you

Research shows that your handshake can reveal certain aspects of your personality. Several interviewers associate a weak handshake with lack of confidence and an overall slacking attitude. On the other hand, a firm handshake usually reflects a strong and confident character.

The little things in life make all the difference in the world. You should therefore mind your smallest movements if you want to make a great first impression.