Your go-to guide to stay productive while travelling


Staying on top of your game on a regular basis is hard enough, now add to that the woes of being productive while traveling. A few years back, the idea of working while traveling would have been disregarded instantly. However, with new-age gadgets and introduction of high-speed digital connectivity, working on the go has become common-practice. But alas, it is easier said than done. Poor internet connectivity more often than not becomes the cause of much your struggle. You wander about from your hotel to a nearby cafeteria in search of signal strength, all this while you lose feelings in your arms as they point towards the almighty with your mobile device in tow.

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Yet another factor that hampers productivity while traveling is a change in your sleep pattern. If you are constantly moving from one place to another, you will require a lot more rest than you usually do. Changing time zones and jetlags won't do anything to better your productivity either.

Here are three essential tips to help you stay productive while traveling.

Manage your time

If you can manage your time well, you'll be able to make use of gaps and breaks in your itinerary which you would have otherwise overlooked. Say for example, you have a three-hour flight, make smart use of your time on the flight by writing a well-researched blog post or you can even create a road-map presentation for your company's half-yearly meeting. If you are flying with a co-worker, the two of you can brainstorm a couple of ideas and get some creative work accomplished.

Sync the calendars in all your devices

In order to keep a tab on your travel plans, jot down even the minutest details on your tablet or smart-phone. While doing so, include addresses of the meeting venues, important phone numbers, flight numbers and schedules. Always maintain your notes in the same format so it is easier for you to identify certain details when needed urgently. Google calendars are a good choice as they sync flawlessly with Android as well as iOS devices. Although syncing calendars might seem like a tedious process, they save a lot of time and keep stress at bay.

Keep all your ideas in one place

Travelling gives you the opportunity to click some amazing pictures and conceive some fascinating ideas. In addition, it also helps you build local contacts that can come in handy for future business transactions. Be it from an event, conference or a meeting, inspiration can unravel itself in any given situation. Ensure that you keep all your ideas in a single place, the Evernote app can help you out here. You can even sync the app with your email or desktop for better productivity.

In addition to the above tips, keep yourself updated with the current trends while you're traveling. Catching up on all the reading you've been wanting to do, will help you amass knowledge and generate informed opinions.