About time you leveled up your life dramatically


You walk into your office with drooping shoulders and walk back home with a perennial frown, one can safely assume that your life is in the doldrums. If everything you touch is boring, the people you meet are toxic (according to you, of course) and even sugar doesn’t get you high. This is no way to live.

You my Sir\Ma'am, are deep down in a rut which needs immediate attention.

It has taken me quite a number of years to figure out what I want and I couldn’t be happier. I don't wish to gloat and am not there yet, but a little clarity here and there does your confidence a world of good. I remember listening to an inspirational talk where the speaker spoke about how the ‘why’ is important when it comes to achieving what you want. The ‘how’ part of it is to be left upon the universe, which will conspire to make things automatically fall into place.

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Imagine you want to travel overnight in your car from Bengaluru to Puducherry to unwind for the weekend. The roads are empty and winding, and there are hardly any street lights to show you the way, but you believe that your car's headlight, which barely lights a few paces ahead, will guide you through to the next three-hundred odd kilometers. You got my point? Life could be that simple. Take it on a day-to-day basis.

Live in the moment:

I know this is the most clichéd mantra that you get from everyone and I do realize that this is difficult. Some of the easiest things you could do while being in the moment is not to fidget with your phone, when you are ‘supposed’ to listen to someone. While at work give it your all, like your life depended on it. I work at a co-working space in Bengaluru, so there are no colleagues or bosses to disturb, the only thing that gives me away is my mobile phone and the incessant notifications. So what do I do? Flip the mobile, keep it lying on its ‘stomach’. I don’t see the nauseating green signal that displays a notification saving me time.

Tame your mind:

I would have written at least ten articles on the importance of saying ‘No’. But this time, the ‘No’ that I talk about is to the voices that resonates in your mind, shut out the doubts and questions that pull you down. You've had quite the struggle, so these constant reminders need to be kept at bay. 'Fake it till you make it', I can vouch for the power of this statement. Your mind believes what you let it believe, if you feed it that you are the next best thing after sliced bread and Hyderabadi Biriyani, then it has no other option but to believe it.

Appreciate the blessings: If you have a roof over your head, clothes to keep you warm, loving parents, kids who dote on you and a spouse who supports you to the moon, you are one of the luckiest humans alive. Now, don’t you have at least two or three of these if not all? Count that as a blessing, do not take it for granted and nurture them. The good friends that you have will help you go through the hardships without a sigh. Make a career out of something you love:

You are super passionate about dogs, would starting a blog on dogs make you feel any enthused? Blog consistently about dogs, gather a following, write e-books on the niche that you have chosen. Your niche shouldn’t be ‘dogs’. No. Dig deeper. It could be on ‘Mastiff dog breeds’. Write about ‘How to take care of Mastiff Dogs’. Push them on to your email list or even better if you could get an affiliate on Click Bank, who sells books on dogs. Most of these people will give you a hefty commission, sometimes as much as 70%. All you have to do is research your content and put it in a structured manner or increase the size of your email list and sell affiliated products. There's a plethora of avenues to mint money too.

The best way to live a life, that will inspire people and keep you satisfied, is to live always in the moment. Appreciate everything that you are lucky to have. When you elevate your sense of awareness, you slowly lift yourself up too.