Together For Change—a survey on making workplaces safer by Kalaari and YourStory


YourStory and Kalaari Capital have together launched a survey on sexual harassment to understand the challenges that come in the way of making workplaces safer. The survey is an attempt to start a conversation on what, we as leaders, as colleagues, as employees, can do to make offices safer and help us work together comfortably and productively. To stand "Together For Change."

Harassment, an issue that is often swept under the carpet, has been thrust into the spotlight in recent months, thanks to a few women who spoke up about their experiences and an active social media community that amplified it. The one thread that ran through all the instances was that they involved the startup community.

The prevalent image of sexual harassment—a middle-aged male boss with a young, attractive female employee in a cabin in a big corporate office—is at odds with the fast-paced life in startups, populated by young, aggressive employees sitting on beanbags in open offices working night and day, chasing the same dream. Yet, it has happened. And will continue to happen. Unless we do something.

Why is the issue now revolving around startups? Is it because in the quest for metrics, revenue or market share, softer issues such as work culture, harassment awareness are being overlooked? Or is it the fact that an absence of processes, unlike in the case of big companies, are highlighting these cases even more?

It starts with a conversation and ends with a resolve that we need to make the change, be the change. This survey is for everyone—regardless of gender, and whether they work in a startup, or a big company, or a venture fund. This is for anyone who feels strongly about the subject and is, in his or her own way, saying #NotInMyWorkPlace.

Take the survey today! Make your opinion count.



Disclaimer: Kalaari Capital is an investor in YourStory.