The brutal truth about lifestyle of entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk and comes along with its fair share of trepidation. Imagine working round the clock, with little to eat and almost no sleep. Doesn't sound very exciting, does it? It is a myth that entrepreneurs aren't answerable to anyone. If anything, they are answerable to just more than the people working under them. Yes, they make quite a ton of money at the end of the day and they have a fancy title on their visiting cards. But that's as glorious as being an entrepreneur can get.

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For the uninitiated, here are three brutal truths about the life of entrepreneurship.

Responsible for the positives as well as the negatives

No matter how passionately you believe in your business idea you have to accept your failures along with the positives. As an entrepreneur, you need to get off your high horse and admit to your mistakes when needed. You are responsible for the chaos in your business, not your employees and your investors. Stop blaming your oversight on external factors. Accept that you are human and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Sometimes being your own boss means owning responsibility.

Handle chaos

If you've not managed to complete important tasks even after you've worked all day, you need to get your priorities in order. If you have financial difficulties even with limited expenditure then you need to wisely allocate funds. The chaos in your business is your responsibility and you need to know how to solve it. Accepting that your company is running into losses is a tough pill to swallow, but once you do work to get it back to stability. When you realize the power of changing your perspective, challenges become exciting and there is some sort of calm in the chaos.

Entrepreneurs are great learners

Entrepreneurs must understand their own short-comings, cause a blind eye will push the company into stagnancy. An entrepreneur's skills and perspective needs to be adaptable and flexible, as when you embrace the gift of growth and learning you can further tap into your potential. Therefore, in addition to being great teachers, entrepreneurs also need to be great learners.

Once you understand the art of dealing with chaos in a composed manner, you will realise your vision too being nurtured and finding roots. But a lax approach to entrepreneurship will get you knocked on your ass faster than you can understand its context.


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