How videos can transform your content marketing strategy


With easy accessibility to 4G internet, video streaming has become an everyday part of our lives. If you look at any social media platform today, video is the medium that gives the maximum coverage. Facebook is pushing its native video features, including Facebook Live and Instagram to allow video broadcast on its platform. If you haven’t started adding video content to your blog posts, then we give you reasons why you get on board.

Image : shutterstock

Video posts increases traffic:

Studies show that organic traffic from search engines increases by 157% when posts include videos. No matter what you're promoting, be it business, blog or a brand, videos help bring in more visitors. You don’t have to be an expert at videography either to use video in your content marketing strategy. There are a lot of platforms which you can use to create high quality videos. Videos are the best way to get a lot of shares and the much-needed attention.

Helps you brand the right way:

By using videos, you give your clients/subscribers an opportunity to be excited about your product. The power of videos is such that it will help you brand your business at a much bigger scale than a 500-word article. Have you noticed that you are more inclined to buy a product whose review you have seen in a video format rather than a blog article? It increases the confidence in the purchase. If you are a product based startup, there is no better way to brand yourself than put up videos of your products.

People share videos more:

People are more excited to watch videos than read articles even on topics that they might be doing a Ph.D on. So remember your target audience and include innovative storytelling and find ways to grab the attention. The more they share your work, higher the exposure. Videos can be used for the following reasons: 1. To find inbound leads, 2. To make sales, 3. For brand positioning, 4. To showcase your product.

Video is gaining in popularity:

Videos have been around for a while but with technological advancement they have become a primary source of creating content. So much so that social media platforms are taking notice of the immense benefits of videos for brands. With each passing day, there are more techniques that are being discovered to make the most of videos. It is predicted that by 2020, 80% of the internet traffic will be from videos.

Videos have become the next big thing that will propel your content online, brand awareness, piquing the interest of your target group, etc. You’ve got a lot to gain by making videos as a part of your content marketing strategy. Thanks to the many platforms that have dedicated to making videos big, it is much easier to make fantastic videos. When are you starting with your video campaigns?