World on a Plate Academy aims to give food entrepreneurs the skills to match global talent


World on a Plate Academy and its plans to bring Indian food entrepreneurs at par with the globe. 

The ability to cook well makes a good chef but to build a business and thrive in the food industry, a person needs more than that. For a food entrepreneur or a restaurateur, skills such as the ability to manage people, supply chain, procurement, and most importantly, manage cost, are essential.

To ensure that young culinary professionals and food entrepreneurs can upgrade their skills and match up to international standards, Gold Rush Entertainment and World on a Plate, a culinary festival in its second edition, have launched the World on a Plate Academy.

Based out of Bengaluru, the academy will operate out of Something's Cooking, a culinary art space that fosters social interaction through cooking. They already have a state-of-the-art kitchen, and with some more equipment and addition to the infrastructure, the academy will close registrations by August and start rolling out its courses in September.

Kiran Soans, CEO, Gold Rush Entertainment, says, "We wanted to close the gap and give aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs in India the opportunity to learn the latest skills from the best in the world and have access to the best ingredients and technology."

From left: Elena Duggan, MasterChef Australia Season 8 winner, Janice Wong, MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan, Kiran Soans, CEO, Gold Rush Entertainment, Adriano Zumbo and Indian chef Ranveer Brar.

Speaking about the courses the academy is going to offer, Sebastian Simon, Dean, World on a Plate Academy, said, "We are looking at a one-day master class by an amazing chef to a seven-day programme to a 20-day course for six hours each with 20 different styles of cooking and learn everything that is cutting-edge. We want to be able to inspire the future chefs of this country by giving them the best opportunities which include teachers, ingredients, technology, and the latest techniques."

We spoke with the brains behind the World on a Plate Academy to know more about what food entrepreneurs can look forward to from the finishing school and how it will help them compete with global talent while sitting here in India.

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