Work-life balance, doing it right


Dullness should be the least of an overworked Jack's worry, an unbalanced work-life routine, in the present day work scenario, will leave him mentally, physically and emotionally distraught. The moment we forego our personal space, time and commitments for the sake of work, we roll out the carpet for stress-related diseases.

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Here are three ways to maintain the balance between work and life.

Get a hobby

Most of us have settled and learnt be confined by the tag that our profession or work assigns to us - be it an entrepreneur, Software engineer, CEO and so on. We fail to see that these labels are to be limited to the atriums of our offices.

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Developing a hobby is a great way to define your personal space and time. It not only helps you strike a life-work balance, but helps improve your ability to focus on things and boost your confidence.

Have friends outside of work

We live in a time when modern-day displacement - from family, city, interests and so on - happens ever so often that we've accepted it as the part and parcel of the journey. This leads to dependence on colleagues to become work friends and limits ones access to the city outside the office network. So your conversation revolve around work, rants on your bosses and stunts your ability to free your mind of the stress that your piles on your mind.

Explore your horizons, meet new set of people outside your work circle. So when you head back home you don't take your excel sheet to bed.

Never forgo your weekend

The weekend is your time to detox. Consciously plan your weekend - with an outing, general clean-up of the house, trying new restaurants - this will keep your mind and in turn your body in a state of relaxation. An unplanned weekend is usually spent thinking of work or worst still, at work. Keep the weekends for yourself. Keep them planned. And keep them off work.

An imbalanced work-life equation is neither good for your productivity, and stifles your life to very limited and mundane elements.

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