Now, charge your phone while riding your two-wheeler


While we depend on electronic devices for pretty much everything, more often than not, their batteries let us down. Looking to solve this problem, Amam Arun, a mechanical engineer, has invented an innovative charger that, when connected to a two-wheeler's ignition, can charge your phone when you are on the move.

Image source: Indiatimes

Arun worked on the device for almost eight months and launched it under the name 'Power Aid'.

According to a report by Economic Times, Arun said,

"One day my classmate came late from college and was unable to contact her family as her phone battery was drained out. Then the idea of inventing a device that could be used while riding a two-wheeler came to my mind. We can charge our mobile/devices on the go when there is no current in the house; Power Aid attached on the bike will come to your rescue."

 Speaking with New Indian Express, Arun said,

"Power Aid is meant for motorcycles and mopeds and requires a reserve potential energy from the ignition to transfer the power to a mobile phone. The product is cost-effective."

Available on Amazon, Power Aid is priced at Rs 355. The charger, which will be available in all major retail shops in the next two weeks, has two USB ports that can be used to simultaneously charge two devices. Arun has patented the charger and his startup Amam Technologies Pvt Ltd. with NASSCOM.

Image source: The New Indian Express

With more than 50,000 two-wheelers on the road on any given day, J Govindaraj, Director, Amam Technologies, is hopeful about their prospects. Having pumped in Rs 50 lakh, Govindaraj, the startup's primary investor, hopes to eventually expand to major two-wheeler markets like Southeast Asia.

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