6 brutal truths for every millennial on the job hunt


It is not uncommon nowadays to see young freshers having trouble finding a job despite great scores and fancy degrees. It usually takes an average of around six months or more to find a job suitable to your personality. Millennials complain that the job market is static and that one can hardly find a job as soon as they graduate. In such situations, it is important to understand and accept the ground reality. The jobs maybe few, but applications remain many. One must be open to diverse options while applying for jobs.

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Most companies won’t even take a cursory look at your resume

There are too many applications to be skimmed through by the recruiting department, and going through each and every resume becomes redundant. It is only natural that your resume might not even be glanced at if you apply late. Sometimes, it might be because of you followed a wrong format in writing your resume and it fails to appear in the search results of the company’s database.

Your cover letter may be ignored

Since a huge number of applications need to be scrutinised, many HR recruiters claim that it is difficult to go through each and every cover letter. But make sure you write a well-informed and passionate cover letter nonetheless. In case your application appeals to the recruiter, he or she may go through your cover letter. Use powerful instances to make your letter exceptional.

Your social media posts can cost you a job

Make sure your online posts do not give a negative idea of your personality. Make your social profiles look as professional as you can before applying for jobs. Any extreme political opinion or too many pictures of you drinking and smoking may give the recruiters a wrong idea about your ideals. Going through a potential candidate’s profiles on social media might seem questionable in one way, but recruiters may need to do that to check if you will be a good fit for the company.

And so does acting desperate

Acting desperate will never land you a job. It would mean you simply want a job just for the sake of having one and earning some money. So never show how desperately you need a job. Always maintain decorum to ace interviews.

No one likes a job-hopper

Learn your skills well when you start working. We see many young employees work in an organisation for a few months and leave for another in hopes of higher salaries and promotion offers. Look at jobs as a learning process to know what you do not know yet. In this manner, your vertical as well as horizontal rise in jobs would not stop. You would be able to ace through one stepping stone of success to another.

Your paycheque doesn’t come for free

Most people are of the view that a good salary, leave days, and vacation periods are given without any hesitation by the companies. One must understand the importance of one’s work and position in order to realise the value of one’s payment. No one deserves money or vacation days for free. One needs to prove oneself and work hard to earn those benefits.

Remember, be patient and optimistic, and understand the ground realities mentioned above well. Make sure you apply for a job you really want, not necessarily the one which pays well.

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