Digitisation will see surge in demand for advanced medical procedures


With government's focus to digitise healthcare services, health experts expect a surge in patients undergoing advanced medical techniques such as oncological cyberknife therapy, deep brain stimulation, and fertility treatments in India through online appointments.

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They believe that through online appointments, patients across the globe can not just narrow down on the best hospitals for the required treatment but also get appointments as per their convenience.

"No doubt, digitisation in health care can emerge out to be a boon for the patients. The search for advanced medical technologies at the best hospitals through such digitisation in health services becomes easier," said Sanjay Agarwala, Medical Director of Hinduja Hospital.

According to experts, the digitisation in the health industry will also make the flow of foreign patients easier in the upcoming time.

"With the integration of surplus talent, technology, tourist attraction, trade and tradition, India is a potential place to promote itself as a premier global healthcare destination and enable streamlined medical services," said Agarwala adding that patients looking for oncology cyberknife therapy or deep brain stimulation will be most benefited as few hospitals only have such facilities.

Experts say that Indian medical tourism market is expected to reach $8 billion by 2020. Currently, Bangladesh and Afghanistan dominate the Indian medical value travel with a 34 percent share.

Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO of 3hcare.in, an online platform promoting medical tourism, said the online services also helps the patient to plan their surgeries well.

"With all the information available online, not only patients in India, but international patients are at an ease for better and cheap treatment options. Payment options being online it will not be troublesome for a patient and hence will boost medical tourism indirectly," she said.


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