Orientation day! Things bosses should relay to new employees


The first day at a new company, especially a large one, can be an intimidating experience. The different people, policies and expectations can quickly overwhelm a new employee, leaving them lost in the process. A study by Human Capital Manager Practices found that the average new recruit takes a minimum of five months to reach maximum productivity.That's a lot of precious time, for both the company and the employee, not being utilised effectively.

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To accelerate an employee's adaptation to a new job, companies need to maintain a strong on-boarding process to get them oriented in the least time possible. Understandably, the onus for this falls on the managers and executives in charge of the new recruit.

Here are three things bosses should explain to a new employee on the very first day:

The company's vision and goals

Learning what their company stands for and what it aims to achieve is an important step for new employees to feel included at the workplace. Bosses should take the time to sit with them and explain what aspect of business is most important at the company — whether it's product design, customer satisfaction, or even the work culture. Without thorough knowledge of their company's vision, new employees can feel lost about what it is they're expected to do and how they should go about doing their job. Telling them the 'why' erases any ambiguity and provides new employees with a strong motivation. Coming to the culture, they should be told how the company's existing employees abide by it and how they can contribute to it.

Clarity on responsibilities

A new employee will certainly know what their job role is, they did land it after all. But the nuances about performing their role still need clarification. Bosses should tell new employees exactly what their daily work entails and what they are expected, and what they are not required, to do. Also, it's vital to inform them how their contribution makes an impact on a larger scale in the company. This gives them a sense of self-worth and empowers them with a purpose beyond simply earning a monthly salary.

A good way to help new employees adjust to their jobs is to assign them a task on the first day and provide immediate, constructive feedback on their work. This gives them an idea of how they need to go about their new job and reduces their reliance on their manager from the first day.

Relevant processes and hierarchies

Each company has its own unique process, policies and workplace hierarchies, and adjusting to a new set of these can be a taxing experience for new employees. So they need to be informed about what to follow, to whom they should report etc. Explain to them things like the schedule, hierarchy and the most important processes and policies that need to be adhered to. Introducing employees to their colleagues will make them feel more comfortable and can forge important work relationships right from the get-go.

A good orientation programme helps new employees hit the ground running from the very first day on their job, something from which everyone — the employee, manager and company — benefits from.


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