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LinkedIn is not just a social networking site. It is a digital platform that helps professionals across industries connect with each other. Therefore, if you're a working professional, you need to be present on LinkedIn. However, it's not enough to simply create an account, fill in some details, and wait for hiring managers to email you. If you want to make yourself visible on the site, you have to take some steps in the right direction. If you stay in touch with the right people and expand your network smartly, you're bound to attract the attention of HR executives and recruiters who use LinkedIn to find candidates.

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Here's how you can get noticed on LinkedIn:

Fill your profile with all the relevant details

You need to carefully fill in all sections of your profile on LinkedIn if you don't want to miss out on opportunities. Start by creating a strong introduction and put in as many keywords as you can in the specialties section. The next step is to write about every job you've ever held and include all the courses you've completed. You never know which criteria a recruiter will search on, and hence filling every detail is the fastest way to high visibility.

Join various groups

There are several groups present on LinkedIn that allow you to network with other people in your field or industry. These groups also give you the opportunity to increase your visibility by joining in on discussions. If a recruiter is present in that group, he is likely to scan the group for good candidates. Therefore, you should provide thoughtful comments and answers wherever you can.

Update your status frequently

Your status updates are visible to everyone in your network and are therefore an excellent way to make yourself visible to those who know you. If you're hunting for a job, put up a status about the same and you're sure to get noticed by one of your connections. However, make sure not to spam by putting up updates every 15 minutes as that will do your image more harm than good.

Ask for recommendations

Solid recommendations can improve your ranking in LinkedIn's people search results. If your recommendations come from a manager or a senior level executive, they will carry more weight compared to if they come from a co-worker. Try to get recommendations from reputed names as these recommendations will instantly put your profile in a brighter light in comparison to your competition.

Build your network

LinkedIn provides simple tools to help you locate the people you know. Make use of all these tools as the more people you are connected to, the more visible you will be in searches. When you are a part of a larger network of professionals, you are more likely to get in front of the best hiring companies.

LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking, but it's only as good as the efforts you put in. Use the above mentioned five tactics if you want to improve your chances of getting noticed on LinkedIn.

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