Five simple habits of people who never burn out


It wouldn't come as a surprise when someone from your professional circles talks, constantly at that, of being on the brim of a burn out. Most likely, you've just been a push away from acknowledging that you're in the same boat. Be it the constant rat race, grueling deadlines, pushy clients, the list is quite lengthy and will sum your misery. But what's more important is to talk about how you can cope up with these stresses and sustain some semblance of a work-life balance.

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Here are five simple habits of people who never burn out.

Figure out the reason behind your burn out

If you feel stressed and pressured all the time, start by trying to locate the source of your stress. Take some time to figure out what's pushing you over the edge. Are you panicking because you're overloaded with work? Or are you distressed because there is lack of any possible growth in your job profile? Once you have managed to identify the reason behind your stress levels, you'll be in a better position to cope with your issues.

Learn to say 'No'

You need to know that you alone can't save a sinking ship, any delirious attempt to do so would be perilous for your own fate. Whether it is a colleague asking for help or a superior mounting more to your already piling workload, a simple 'No' will help keep your nerves and focus in order. When you take on too many commitments that throw you off your schedule, you are bound to face high stress levels.

Give importance to downtime

People who successfully prevent burn outs know the importance of downtime. It is for this reason that they schedule daily blocks of downtime to rejuvenate themselves. Whether it is meditating early in the morning or going for a run right before going to bed, successful execs understand the importance of downtime and make room for it no matter how hectic their schedule is.

Map your progress daily

Keep track of how much work you have on your plate by making daily to-do lists. At the end of each day, check things off from the list so you know where you stand. If you allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to complete, you will remain in a state of constant stress and this will fuel your burn out faster than ever.

Keep track of your emotions

Learn to identify your feelings by paying heed to them. If you bottle up your emotions without ever talking about them with your friends and family, you'll drain yourself of all your energy. When you control your feelings instead of allowing your feelings to control you, you automatically reduce your burn out rate.

In addition to the above points, develop a feeling of gratitude for all things positive in your life. This will keep negativity at bay and help you control your stress levels more effectively.

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