Love thy enemy—how haters can fuel your success


Every entrepreneur has his/her fair share of haters. On the one hand, there are family and friends who are incredibly proud of what you've made of yourself and on the other hand are people who disguise themselves as your family and friends and question all your business decisions. These people appear as though they are supporting you, but they secretly detest what you are doing. They offer you unsolicited advice and they hate your ideas behind your back. They are your haters and you should be proud that you have your fair share of them Here's why.

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Haters are jealous of your success

People who hate your guts are secretly jealous of you because they wish they had the courage to accomplish what you've done with your life. They lack the drive that made you the successful entrepreneur you are today and therefore they can't enjoy or celebrate your victories with you. Because of this envy, instead of being your biggest advocate, they become someone who questions and doubts every business move of yours. Don't let their jealousy bother you. Instead, use it to fuel your fire.

Make your haters your biggest source of validation

When you announce your decision to start a new business or take your existing business to new heights, there will always be someone in the crowd who will rain on your parade by calling your move a bad idea. Don't allow their negativity to flood your brain with self-doubt. Instead, stand by your decision and believe that you're on the right path. The false concerns and questions of your haters validate that your journey into entrepreneurship is successful so far.

Keep your haters close, but their hate at bay

Your entrepreneurship journey is unique to you. You have your own unique target audience and your company is not the same as your competitor's for a hundred different reasons. Haters will fling negative thoughts at you because they think that they can do a better job than you. But they've not made your company what it is today. You have. You've taken the steps to make your business the success that it is. Stand tall and remind yourself that the opinions and hate of your haters doesn't matter.

Kill your haters with your kindness

Your haters detest you because you had the courage to toss aside your fears and make your business dreams a reality. Don't take their hate personally. They are simply fighting inner demons. Volunteer to help them when they are ready to take the leap of faith. Be the bigger person and share your journey and knowledge with them. Tell them how you did it and encourage them to accomplish their dreams as well. Kill them with kindness and they won't know what hit them.

Don't allow your haters to influence you negatively. Instead, use the above tactics and tackle their hate to fuel your business and take it to greater heights.


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