Strategies used by influencers to maintain their appeal on social media


Ever gone through blogs, Instagram accounts or any other social media channel and amazed at how an individual became this personality, a trendsetter even, who is able to influence the masses. Within the confines of our private space we've envied and envisaged ourselves being on that pedestal, but once the bubble pops we're back to cold-hard reality. So how does one go about setting up that dais, where every word you say is ardently followed and you become the focal point of discourses.

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Here are the things influencers do in order to stand out.

Always connected

Influencers are always connected and have a strong sense of passion for the subject they have an expertise in. Now, no one said it's an easy task, but tools like Topsy, Trackur and Social Mention keep them up to date about going on in the social media world. Being an influencer comes with a whole lot of responsibility and becomes a full-time role, which only means heaps of dedication. So, if you think social media is just a play time activity, you can’t be more wrong. It takes just as much time, dedication and investment to get the ball rolling towards success.

Make boring topics interesting

An influencer is always ready to debate a topic from his area of interest. But it's not just about having their own two cents, relevance and how they make it interesting is what garners interest. The makeover is what decides who takes home the bacon. Some people add humour, while some contradict to make any boring piece of content funny/relatable or thought provoking. Cartoonist Sarah Anderson with her relatable and downright hilarious comic strips has garnered a huge fan following across major social media platforms and has even managed to publish a book.

Publish content at scale

The signal to noise ratio is increasing and it is getting harder for people to get noticed. But that doesn't curb an influencer to make his\her content stand out. The key to cracking social media is putting out good content and doing so, regularly. However, doing it at a fast pace is very difficult since it takes time and a whole lot of creativity. This is where platforms like Flockrush are designed to address the issue and manage a large audience.

Ahead of the curve

People don’t become influencers overnight… a lot goes into it before they even start out. Influencers do not operate in a vacuum, they know their masses and the niche inside out. It’s not only about demographics and age groups, trendsetter are informed about the needs, wants and interests of the audience they cater to. No wonder the likes keep flowing in their newsfeeds.

Proficiency is the name of the game

An adept knowledge of the subject and constant wherewithal keeps them ahead of the pack. Influencers are always a step ahead of their followers and that is why they are ordained as trendsetters.

Influencers are worth spending time listening to, after all, in a world filled with noise and spams, they’ve managed to stand out due to their insight and well-researched material.

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