Some tricks marketeers can learn from average Instagrammers


Marketing has evolved immensely from its modest beginning of door-to-door sales to the digital platform. There has been a tremendous shift in how brands are positioning themselves to cater to their target audience- millenials. Instagram, with 500 million active user, is one such site which has millennials hooked. Today's average Instagrammer has a much better knack for personal branding, creativity and attention to detail than most veteran marketing professionals. Marketing professionals can definitely learn a trick or two from the average day-to-day Instagrammers.

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Here are four skills you can pick from the average Instgrammer.

Realizing their 'brand voice'

Most Instagrammers develop a certain appeal for communicating with their followers. Either they are witty and sarcastic or they are inspirational and descriptive. They are aware of what clicks and project themselves accordingly to the masses. Over time, their voice defines their profile's personality. Unfortunately, the importance of a 'brand voice' is lost on several marketers because of which their marketing efforts spiral downhill.

Careful assessment of each post

If you ever overhear two avid Instagrammers discuss their uploads, do pay close attention to the interaction. From determining the perfect filter to how much brightness to add to the photo, the average Instagrammer pays attention to every minute detail. That level of dedication to a mere post gives you an insight into the zeal they have to brand themselves.

Creativity galore

Getting followers interested and religiously follow your posts, is a display of the level of creativity that an Instagrammer has on offer. It's not just about the filters and the editing, but the perspective behind each photo and the caption goes a long way to connect with followers. Take for example metrodoodle, his account is ripe with creative doodles of monsters and cartoonish figures in the Delhi Metro. He presents an interesting and rib-tickling take on the arduous everyday metro journey.

They understand the need for reciprocity

An Instagrammer knows that it's a give-and-take world, so ignoring your followers won't take you far. If you want to retain and gain followers, you have to give them content worth following. Similarly, if you want them to comment on your posts, you have to take time to comment back. If you don't spend considerable time interacting with others, your profile will remain stagnant and unresponsive.

If you want to be able to market to today's social consumers, you need to speak the language that today's generation has adopted. Marketing has changed and it will do your career a whole lot good if you develop your existing skills to keep pace with changing times.


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