How to remain sane at your workplace


Working in a corporate environment is no walk in the park, with pressure dotting around you and jumping you unexpectedly. Annoying co-workers, impending deadlines and rude clients are just the tip of the iceberg. There are intense moments when we inch towards losing our cool and lambaste co-workers and even clients. However, that's not the wisest thing to do as it can hamper your professional image and cause people to isolate you.

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Here are five tips to help you roll with the punches without throwing any when work-stress threatens your mental health.


If a colleague or client is not at their best behavior, cut them some slack by giving them the benefit of the doubt. Several things could be troubling them because of which they aren't their usual self. Go hard on the problem, but soft on the person. When you develop empathy for others, it shall be bestowed upon you in equal measures.

Keep your calm

Getting riled up because the copy machine isn't working or because your senior's constant reminder of the deadlines won't help you at all. If you find yourself in a taxing situation, take deep breaths. If that fails, then consider the consequences of a shout-off. Evaluate whether blowing off your steam by screaming at others is worth the trouble it's going to cause you.

Keep your nose where it belongs

Don't poke your nose into problems that have nothing to do with you. If you find a certain office situation or gossip too toxic, simply tune it out if you cannot physically escape it. If you get tempted to get involved in office politics, simply plug in your headphones.

Find humor in every situation

Pretend your life is a sitcom. Don't take yourself or those around you too seriously. When you try to find humor in the most mundane situations, you'll automatically find yourself in a better mood. People who make others laugh are so much more attractive and pleasing to be around than those who are grumpy.

Don't take work home

Keep work where it belongs, especially when you enter your home. Settle your office tiffs and deadlines within the periphery of the workspace. Start each day with a clean slate. When you visualize the next day as a fresh start, you leave work stress at work and go home with a positive mind.

Remember, your mental and physical health is greater than any job in the world. If you find yourself in a sour mood always due to work stress, it's time you start looking for a new job.


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