Five things great bosses ask their employees every day


Gone are the days when bosses used to keep their employees on a short lease, if you need to gain your staff's respect then you need to communicate better. Today's bosses understand that communication is important and therefore give it top priority. When you openly and freely communicate with your employees/subordinates you foster an environment of respect and productivity. Great bosses realize that their words and actions have a considerable impact on the productivity and motivation of their employees and consider communication as a core part of their job.

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Here are five things best bosses tell their employees every single day.

"Yes, let's give it a try"

If you want to create a dynamic working environment for your team, you need to allow them to grow. One way of doing this is by being positive when an employee proposes a new way of doing things. If your employees believe that their ideas will be give due consideration, then they'll start communicating without hesitation.

"Good job!"

Offering praise for a job well done is as important as delivering constructive feedback. When you appreciate your employees' achievement then it rounds them up to work harder to pursue future organizational goals. Human beings need to be appreciated and therefore this phrase works wonders to boost the morale of employees.

"Thank you"

If an employee completes a task before the assigned deadline or works overtime to make progress on a project, make sure you express your gratitude. When employees feel appreciated for their work, they have a lower absenteeism rate, lower turnover rates and higher productivity. While saying thank you is important, the words alone won't suffice and you need to back them up with promotions and increments to show your best employees that you really care.

"I have confidence in you"

When employees know that they have the full support of their boss, they work twice as hard to prove their boss that their trust and confidence isn't misplaced. This in turn leads to higher productivity as employees aren't afraid to take calculated risks because they know that their boss will help them to rectify a problem if anything goes wrong.

"How may I help?"

If you find your employee stuck with a task or overloaded with responsibilities, you should reach out to him/her. If you volunteer to help your team when they seem particularly busy, they will know that you care for them and this will help you bridge the gap of communication.

Don't let your employees lose sight of what makes them different. Use the above mentioned phrases on a daily basis to keep your employees' motivation and morale high.


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