Launching a product? Old-school promotions just won't cut it


Imagine this: you're psyched about the launch of your new product - you believe its revolutionary, hence it will bring about the needed razzmatazz on its own merit. Think again!

Well, to believe or vouch on the conventional idea that a product will create its own demand is a foolhardy way to go about promotion. A product or service, no matter how spectacular, if not promoted according to the prevalent marketing conditions - read social media marketing et al - might just turn out to be a damp squib.

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Your product is doomed, the moment you consider promotion and marketing to be an afterthought. It's a definite no-can-do, given that we live in an age where consumers are on a constant information high, owing to the omnipresence of internet services. So how do you go about, getting your product from a dingy warehouse to the most touted innovation. Promote! And promote like there is no tomorrow.

Now, a hackneyed approach of hiring a marketing professional must have worked a few decades ago, but with a tectonic shift to the online platform even marketing fell in line. So social media presence is of importance in order for traction, and content marketing has become the poster child of product promotion. The content that you publish is hence there needs to be a to spread word and present scheme of things.

Importance of content in your launch plan

A sound content marketing strategy is the bridge between your product and your future consumer base. Content marketing is a long-term solution when compared to just using PR methods. It not only engages audience but also builds trust, which inadvertently makes PR ads and follow-up promotional activities more credible and trustworthy.

Now, there needs to be a fine line between a marketing exercise being informative and promotional. The content should spread awareness about your product without coming across as a promotional hack job. Your content should focus on helping people get acquainted with the product and answers important questions which may arise in the minds of consumers.

When it comes to content generation for promoting your product, these kinds of content will get you started on the right foot.  

Informative blog posts

Start with an overall summary of your product, its use, features, etc., this will provide consumers a general idea about your product and how it resolves real-time problems. The takeaway here is to launch a product without sounding too salesy.

Guest posts

These could be from experts, existing customers, heck the celebrity you roped in for marketing. These posts provide a sense of acceptance to potential customers. To hear from peers or experts does bring about trust for the product and its efficacy. You can even broadcast posts about the possible issue or utility that your product looks to resolve, mainly general posts which promote your product - not blatantly - on the side.  

Social media content

A few social media tactics up your sleeves might just elevate your products market base. Prepare calculated posts that will appeal to your followers, get the word going for your product.