Ways to be a transformative leader, regardless of your job title


A transformational leader is an individual who is able to guide his/her audiences' perspective and ultimately enabling them to achieve extraordinary results. Being a good orator is one aspect of being a leader, but the ability to truly transform has to come from within. We discuss certain key habits which are known to empower transformational leadership.

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Stories that strike a chord

Every leader is acquainted with the idea of story-telling, but few have mastered the art effectively. Transformational leaders are gurus at using significant stories to draw parallels and relate with people. A relevant story is one that originates from an inciting moment and is an event that an audience can connect to easily. Through this medium a leader can stimulate ideas that can eventually lead audiences to modifying their actions to produce lasting, meaningful changes.

Use your head and heart in equal measures

While giving a speech, a leader often oscillates between his audience and about how he's leading his audience to the goal. This oscillation causes a mental clatter that disconnects the leader from hearing his own thoughts. Transformational leaders are careful to keep this oscillation at bay. They take their time to slow down and recognize that it's okay to be without an agenda and let their intuition speak sometimes. When a leader is able to connect with his feelings and observe them without being controlled by them, he develops the foundation to lead others to be in tact with their feelings.

Relax, take a break

Embrace each day with curiosity and playfulness. Reawaken your capacity to look at each moment with a fresh perspective and to ask questions rather than to revert into decades-old theories. Transformational leaders are always asking questions, whether the questions are introspective, the leaders don't latch on to the first answer that comes up or take their work too seriously. Over time you'll realize that some of your greatest leadership and business breakthroughs will happen while you're busy enjoying life.

Positivity is one of the main qualities of a transformational leader. According to author Jon Gordon, "Being positive doesn't just make you better, it makes everyone around you better."


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