This smart ring gives hands-free control of your smartphone


In a bid to provide a convenient solution for those with sight or hearing problems, tech startup Origami Labs has launched a smart ring that gives hands-free control of a smartphone.

Source: Kickstarter

The 'ORII' smart ring uses bluetooth connectivity to allow users to control their smartphones using voice commands. By just touching your ear it lets you make calls, send messages, set reminders, post on social media.

It's available on crowdfunding platform for $99.

The device works using 'bone conduction' technology which allows the bearer to listen to a playback of what is running on the phone—call, music, or video—by simply putting a finger to their ear. 'ORII' works directly with 'Siri' and 'Google Assistant' to give Android and iOS users full hands-free control of their devices' virtual assistant, while its companion app enables customised alerts via LED lights and vibrations, IANS reported.

Every smartphone is a wearable electronics device with advanced mobile components that involve innovative features for handy devices like mobiles. With popular gesture features like payments and access control, the smart rings are of the size of traditional rings. They can communicate directly with smartphones or personal computers through a variety of applications and websites, and operate without the need to carry a smartphone, such as while interacting with back-end systems on the cloud through or performing standalone functions such as activity tracking.

In a report by scmp, the Co-founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based startup, Kevin Wong, said,

We see this as a new category of wearables that goes beyond activity tracking and starts to delve into some very powerful communications functions. It emulates the core functions of your smartphone but does so in a screen-free, highly intuitive and, honestly, a lot more fun way.

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