Three kinds of clients not good for business


'Clients', the very word brings out a mixed bag of emotions. Some recoil in horror on hearing that word. Some have a sense of gratitude. While some see opportunities. A client has the power to make your business flourish or wreck havoc for you.

Here are three kinds of clients not good for business, both yours and theirs.

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The ones who refuse to do their job

Given that many organisations go about treating the client like a king, it is not the way to be, each of the parties are gaining something from the transaction. The client is not the king. So don't allow your client to attain that air of superiority where they can idle around and just boss you and your company around to do their bidding. If you have a client who isn't cooperative, respects your time and engages in finger pointing, then it's about time you deboard them. As such clients are a risk to your business. Service providers need to take the right precautions while dealing with such clients.

The ones who insist on doing your job

Some clients are so over enthusiastic about their job that they transgress into your method of operation. Such clients end up micro-managing projects. Not only will this lead to a lot of time getting wasted, it will also hinder your projects with other clients. Defining each one's role clearly at the beginning of the project can help prevent such disasters.

The ones who withhold payment information

Unpleasant surprises in regards to payments are definitely worrisome signs of a client. If a client is careless about your money is never going to be good for your business.

Every service provider is a client to someone. That makes us all clients. If we're careful about how we conduct ourselves as clients, soon our clients will follow the trend.


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