Three highly effective tools to manage your online reputation


“Reputation management or ORM (online reputation management) in the digital sphere refers to the monitoring of the reputation of an individual or brand. Potentially addressing damaging content and using feedback to solve problems, before they damage and individual or brand’s reputation.” – talkwalker

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Businesses run on reputations. While the biggest names funnel big bucks to keep their offline reputation intact, keeping a sharp vigil on one’s digital standing is equally vital. Whether you are an established brand or a start-up it will keep you in good stead to prime yourself with the following online reputation management tools.

Google Alerts

There’s nothing Google can’t do or doesn’t do. Needless to say, it’s has one of the best tools at offer to those looking to safeguard their digital image. According to, “Google Alerts can be considered as a customized Google search that sends you notifications, based on the keywords you've fed, whenever new content is added online. The service scans and pulls information from relevant web pages, blogs, research or articles within the Google network.”

It is a highly efficient time-saving tool and will keep you up to date and on your toes to avert and contain any possible tarnish. You can set it up for free and in a matter of few simple steps. You can choose the type of results you want Google to send you apart from selecting the frequency at which you wish to receive them.


Talkwalker is one of the easiest ways to stay updated on your online reputation. While it can be touted as the poor man’s Google Alerts, it really is more than just that. To begin with its more than an alerts-sending tool; it’s in fact designed to assist your reputation management strategy. Its 'Free Social Search' allows you to dig deeper into your reputation management, so as to help you form an accurate assessment of user-sentiment towards your brand, products and services over the last seven days.

It also brings in the know posts, tweets and articles which are driving social discussion about your brand. Its data coverage spans across social networks and over one hundred and fifty million websites, giving you a full view of your brand’s reputation across platforms. Feel free to conduct countless searches and retrieve the results in real-time.


Naymz is a tracking and managing social influence tool. To put it simply, the more influence you are able to generate, the more positive your reputation will be. RepScore, a Naymz program rates your online influence across social networks in comparison to other members. It assesses your peer-evaluation, user-engagement, genuinely-unique-quotient and value-addition as an influencer.

It ranks your influence level as a builder, established, top member or elite member and then compares it with other Naymz members on a scale of 1 to 99 with 99 being the highest and the best.

While these are my top three, there are a many more you can choose from. The best way to find the perfect reputation manager in cyberspace would be to tie your fundamental requirement with the budget available. You can also go for the ones who offer a free trial period and to allow you a feel of the tool.