How to train your brain for success


The human mind is a complex and mesmerizing tool, which holds the capacity to perform multiple cognitive functions like consciousness, perception, etc. But how we sculpt it to perceive and modulate our thoughts is what truly shapes us as individuals. Self-doubt, pity and esteem issues will leave you nowhere but with a shunted and aimless personality. If you've been putting yourself down a lot lately, its time you change the way you think. As Gautam Buddha once said, "The mind is everything. What you think, you become."

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These five exercises will train your brain for success:

Don't be over critical of yourself

You need to understand that mistakes are inevitable - be it your personal or professional life. Stop being too harsh on themselves. Wallowing in self-pity and misery will leave you nowhere, but with people treating you with utter disregard. Instead, focus on spreading positive vibes. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Now a tinge of self-love from time to time is necessary to keep your mind and body in line.

Don't ruminate

If you are faced with a particularly difficult problem, seek advice from friends and family. Try to come up with a solution on your own but if you can't, don't ruminate over your inability to solve the problem. Every time you spend hours contemplating just take a few second aside and quiz yourself if you're just ruminating or problem-solving. If you're simply making catastrophic predictions about things you can't control, change your line of thought.

Back emotion with logic

Family dilemmas and financial decisions tend to bring out the emotional sides of people. When emotions take the front seat, take a step back and urge yourself to think logically. See if you can come to a rational conclusion. A pros and cons list helps you weigh out the decision in a sensible manner and can aide you to a solution.

Take charge of your emotions

Several people are averse to talking or emoting their feelings, this can make them incongruous to dealing with emotions. When you acknowledge your emotional state, you'll be able to make wiser decisions.

Accept the blessings

Be grateful to everything that works out on your favour, this will hold your sanity. Train your brain to look at the positives, even in times of despair. Maintain a gratitude journal or talk about what you're grateful for with your family members at dinner every night. This practice is sure to boost your well-being like never before.

Use the above mentioned five tips to exercise your brain every day. Build your mental muscle to reach your greatest potential to lead a contented and rewarding life.

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