Using the power of data to empower 200 social organisations across 45 countries


How can social organisations create the impact they want to, if they are not equipped to effectively handle the data that they collect? Karti Subramanian founded Vera Solutions along with Taylor Downs and Zak Kaufman to help them address this problem.

Social organisations that work in the field usually collect data as hard copies in the form of papers or in spreadsheets which makes it impossible for them to access the data as and when it is required. This applies to even the life-saving data as not everyone would know where to look for them. Taylor calls it “mountains of dead data,” according to SEED, a Facebook page.

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Vera Solutions works with these organisations which includes NGOs, social enterprises and research institutions to come up with customized solutions to help them arrive at transparent, accountable and data driven decisions. Speaking to The Amherst Student, Karti said,

“What was initially some software that we developed for our own organisation’s use—to take attendance at sessions in township schools, to keep track of how many kids had been tested and referred to subsequent services, etc, turned into a technology consulting service.”

The founders met in South Africa where they were working with an NGO called Grassroot Soccer which was working to prevent HIV. Founded in 2010, the firm has so far worked with 200 organisations from more than 45 countries.

The fact that the three founders come from different backgrounds is what makes them better equipped to deal with diverse organisations from all over the world. For instance, Karti was a data analyst before he went to work with Grassroot Soccer.

Vera Solutions has offices in Mumbai, Cape Town and Boston. They design each component of the application based on the client or firm's individual data, which means each application will be different based on the services they provide or the work they are doing. And this is made possible by ensuring there is full participation from the staff working in the client firm.

At Vera Solutions, the founders believe that data has the power to transform the efficiency of organisations working towards social change and they aim at helping them achieve it. And it is made sure that the services they provide is low-cost, yet effective at the same time.

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