GPS-enabled, environment friendly: first water park for children with disabilities


The Morgan Inspiration Island, Texas, has turned itself into a fantasy destination by introducing a water park that is designed for people with disabilities. The park which opened on June 17 in San Antonio, Texas, is wheelchair accessible to give all children a chance to explore water games.

Source: Newsner

Apart from it being easily accessible, all visitors with disabilities are given a free entry. The venue, Waterland Morgan Inspiration Island, has a tropical theme and offers six major rides, including a wheelchair-adapted flow ride and large spaces with geysers, water cannons and rain showers, says a report by Newsner. Gordon Hartman, the founder of the park, said,

Our goal is to give all guests a good experience in a welcoming, safe, comfortable and not too crowded environment
Source: Newsner

All the disabled children are provided with a waterproof bracelet with GPS, so that parents or personal assistants can easily track them. The park also offers private, closed areas for children who are affected by noise. It has been designed keeping in mind the growing concern for water conservation. All the water is continuously filtered and recycled. Gordon further added,

Like Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion.
Source: Newsner

The water park is next to Morgan's Wonderland, a 25-acre theme park that opened in 2010. The place also offers complimentary waterproof wheelchairs called the "PneuChair", says a TIME report. The park was inspired by Hartman's 23-year-old daughter Morgan is suffering from cognitive and physical disabilities.

Meanwhile, in India, there is very less infrastructure that accommodates people with disabilities. It is time we build and convert spaces in our country that are more inclusive.

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