Why a website is still the most important component of a company’s digital identity


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Social media is an essential tool for building a brand in today’s digitally powered times. But it can just as quickly become a cringe-worthy corporate liability. The unforgiving nature of social media is such that gaffes and blunders are recorded for eternity. Everyone remembers how a global fast food giant posted a politically loaded tweet during the US presidential elections, and immediately ran into a whole lot of trouble. Or the time a UK-based airline carrier got plenty of egg on its face because someone in the company’s social media team unwittingly shared a competitor’s post, promoting the latter’s business.

Of late, there is a trend, especially among small businesses, to focus all their digital marketing efforts on social media channels. While there are several arguments in favour of abandoning a traditional website, putting all your eggs in the social media basket is a terrible idea. Read on to find out why a company website should always form a key part of your digital identity. And if you need help figuring out how to go about this, check out BigRock, India’s top domain registration and web hosting company, with its wide range of products and services.

Better SEO leverage with websites

The good old website continues to remain your showcase to the world. It how the world discovers you - even if it is through social media. Type a company’s name into a search engine and one of the top results that pops up will be the corporate website, followed by its social media pages.

What’s in a name? Well, everything apparently

You would have read some version of a horror story on unfortunate domain names which inadvertently took on a different meaning when the words came together for the www, and caused the businesses much grief and embarrassment.

Let’s face it. No one intentionally sets out to name their company website after excreta. But then again, a recycling company’s website announces that it’s scrap that they deal with. Or a website of a business that calls itself an experts exchange. Put the key words together, and you can see where this is headed.

You can avoid such problems and misunderstandings when it comes to your business website, by choosing a domain registration company which offers you plenty of choice in these matters.

The transport, not the destination

By all means leverage social media, but chiefly as a marketing tool to bring traffic back to your company website. Once you get more visitors on your website, you can leverage that for lead generation and sales, which can help you grow your business.

The myth about websites and high costs

Contrary to widespread perception, it costs a fair amount of money to do social media right. It’s not just about posting an update and being done with it. It involves a host of other activities on a sustained basis to get more eyeballs on the posts.

Compare this to having a website, where you don’t need to spend ginormous amounts of money to drive traffic. If your website is clean, classy, informative, has search engine optimisation (SEO) in place and is updated regularly, it can prove to be a very cost-effective digital marketing tool.

All businesses need a traditional website

Whether you are a B2B company trying to establish yourself, or a B2C company looking for a bigger audience, it makes sense for you to have a website that can act as a hub for your online business presence. You need a proper social media strategy and a dedicated team in place to get a good return on investment (refer to the earlier point). And all this adds to mounting costs. A website, then, is the right solution for your business.

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