Great leaders know when to quit. Five signs to know when to leave


Have you put your blood and sweat in making your company what it is today? Has your company reached dizzying heights under your leadership? If this is true and you're beginning to question your decision of continue as the leader of your company, don't be alarmed. You're not the first one to find yourself in this dilemma and you probably won't be the last. If there have been warning signs all around you lately, hinting that your company will be better off with a new leader, pay heed to those signs and don't allow your ego to come in the way.

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Here are five signs that will help you realize that it is finally your time to leave.

Important meetings are held in your absence

Whether it is a discussion on client or brainstorming, you are being deliberately kept at a distance. Rather than being paranoid about an implausible future, bow out with a grace. If a leader is no more required to partake in important decisions, then he probably isn't required at all.

Vital information is withheld from you

In addition to being left out of important meetings, if you're not updated about the essential operations of the company, then don't ignore the warning bells signaling you that something is amiss. A leader needs to know every minute detail, no matter however inconsequential it may be. Withholding vital information from you is a whole different ballgame altogether.

Going to work seems like a struggle

A leader needs to be passionate about his job. Yes, there are times when you want to stay in bed a little longer or you crave a weekend getaway, but that's different from dreading going to work altogether. If you no longer find the purpose and motivation to go to work each morning, you probably should come to terms with the fact that you need to leave before it's too late.

Running blank on ideas

Was there ever a time when you couldn't stop coming up with ideas that would turn your company's fate around? If those ideas have dried up and you don't know or care about the direction in which your company is heading, better you start looking at the exit.

A better replacement

You might know the your company like the back of your hand, but that doesn't mean you're irreplaceable. If you feel like there's someone in your company, a prodigy who can take upon the reigns and steer the company forward, then put aside your ego, step down and ask that individual to take over.

It's always better to leave on your own accord than being asked to step down by shareholders and employees alike. Pay heed to the above mentioned five signs to know for sure if it's your time to exit respectfully.


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