How to boost your productivity in co-working spaces


The workspace is sacred, no matter where you are working from the place deserves respect as it brings out a productive you. An ideal workspace should be free from any sort of distraction and more importantly boost your morale. I have been working from Commune Coworks, Bengaluru, for the past one month and I have met some wonderful freelancers, entrepreneurs, almost bagged a client, networking etc.

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Most people you meet at such co-working spaces are doing incredibly well for themselves and more importantly, are well connected. It is a place where you see meetings happen, video shoots and in the thick of the startup hustle and bustle. The kind that you want to be a part of.

Let me point out how you can boost your productivity in co-working spaces:

Prepare the ideal workspace

An ideal workspace should not be too cozy, like home, but should be functional and efficient in a manner which can cultivate a working environment. Customizing your workspace according to your taste and mood can be done without altering the entire theme. Combine comfort and seriousness to build a productive workspace, where your creative juices can flourish.

Stay on the ball

When you do away with cubicles, you add more distractions to the mix. It is easy to start random conversations as people are usually friendly. Use personal time management apps; they can play a crucial role in increasing productivity. Use apps like Workflowy, Clara, Wunderlist RescueTime, etc that keeps you on top of your time.

 Set a routine

The most important thing about being productive is that it can only be accomplished by setting a routine and being disciplined. Most of the people at a co-working space would be freelancers and companies with a small team size. Prepare a routine and be ardent about following it. It is easy to get carried away as you are at a place that is trying to keep you as comfortable as possible.


You can find people who have different kind of skills and you can always pick a thing or two. The person who is sitting in a corner inconspicuously laboring away for hours might be your next CTO or someone who could be your next mentor. Talk to everybody, get to know them on a personal and professional level. You can always find people who are more successful than you and they can help you chart your path to success.

Use those headphones

Not only does it make you look busy (although that’s beside the point), you also send the signal that you do not want to be disturbed. The ensuing voice in the room doesn’t get to you either. Check out white noise, it's a combination of various sounds that helps you relax.

Be kind to yourself

The people you meet at co-working space are highly motivated individuals and so are you. Trying to work at your best every single day might result in burn out. There are days when you want to slack a little, take a little break if you feel like it. Physical and mental burnout is not something that you want to experience. Have to-do lists when you start the day, try to complete them as much as possible. Do not stress out on the tasks that will get carried forward to the next day.

Working from a co-working space has a host of amazing benefits, but there are things that don’t work out well for you if you are a freelancer. If ‘disciplined’ isn’t an adjective that you associate with then it will be a tough ride. But the kind of people you get to meet and interact with on a daily basis is reason enough for you to work from a co-working space. Make small changes mentioned above to make the most out of your co-working space.


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