How to define your target customers/audience


No matter what products you're selling or which industry you belong to, if you want to run a successful business, you need to define your target audience. If you're hoping to target everyone across all age groups and socio-economic classes, then either you're not thinking straight or you've created a product that is out of this world.

Here are five simple steps to show you how you can define your target consumers with ease.

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Identify who you want to cater to

For whom is your product tailor-made? Is it single mothers with teenage children or middle-aged men stuck in a dead-beat job? Once you've managed to identify who your product's audience is, you can diversify from there. Without a fundamental understanding of where your prospect is coming from and how he/she leads their life, you're bound to face challenges that throw you off-course.

Problems faced by your consumers

You need to dig deep into your target audience's problems or needs to find a way to connect with them instantly. For example, if you're selling fashion apparel for pregnant mothers, you need to recognize their everyday struggles to make your product appeal to them.

Suitable online platform

Does your target audience love reading blogs or do they log on to Facebook whenever they get the chance? Zero down on the channels that your target audience spends maximum time on, so you can increase your visibility to gain a wider audience.

USP of your product

Instead of harping on about the general benefits of your product, try selling your product to your target audience by defining these benefits that will solve your prospect's day-to-day problems. In short, don't tell them what it does; tell them what it does for them.

See where their trust lies

A key factor of any successful marketing strategy is to earn the trust and loyalty of your target audience. For this, see who they turn to when they are looking for an expert opinion. For example, if it is a certain magazine, try to get your product featured in that magazine. When you have managed to gain a fair share of people through a certain medium, you'll be able to define your target consumers better.

Creating buyer profiles is a great way to know your audience in depth. Gathering and developing expertise on this subject will only make your marketing strategy more worthwhile.