Apps that will help millennials get their finances in order


For a lot of people, especially millennials, budgeting and saving money is a difficult task. This is because, in every direction we look, we are bombarded with marketing schemes that urge us to spend our hard-earned money. If you're just learning to get your finances in order, you have a wealth of app options that will help you do just that. Your local app store has plenty of tools that will help you handle your everyday finance needs. The bad news is that there are hundreds of apps to choose from and if you're not a tech geek, you probably won't know one from the other.

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We've therefore compiled a list of five powerful money apps that will help millennials save.

Clarity Money

From cancelling unnecessary subscriptions to creating a savings account, Clarity Money helps you take control of your finances in several ways. What's more? If you are spending more than your allotted budget, it alerts you of your finances. For example, if you are spending more on fuel than you need to spend, the app will remind you of your fuel budget.


From chipping in for a friend's birthday gift to splitting a restaurant bill, Payfriendz allows you to send someone cash or request someone to pay you with the click of a button. It's easy to lose track of who owes who and how much. Also, reminding friends what you're owed can be a major hassle. This app therefore has a messaging function so you can keep money discussions away from WhatsApp.

Credit Karma

Once you've managed to control your spending, you would want to consider making a big investment, be it a car or even a house. A good credit score is essential for making a big purchase. Credit Karma is a godsend because it allows you to access your credit score for free. If you're struggling, the app offers advice on how you can better your score.


An iOS budget app, Unsplurge works with a twist. It lets you save for something you're looking forward to buy. This app works on the principle of delayed gratification. You save so you can splurge later. Unsplurge also has a social network where you can share your goals with your family and friends - who can provide that all important motivation especially when you're lagging behind.


Pennies is one of the simplest budget apps for iOS users. This tool doesn't use any frilly features like charts and diagrams. Instead, it allows you to track your money with the help of a straight-forward colour-coded indicator. It allows you to transfer money between different budgets. Pennies also tells you how your spending habit today will impact your budget tomorrow.

For these apps to work, you need to cultivate the will to better your finances. Use the above mentioned budget apps to track your spending and save more than you're used to saving.

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