Some alternate social media platforms to market your product


Social media is an important marketing tool in today's times; however, social media is so much more than just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While one cannot overlook the importance of the aforementioned social networking sites, there are some other sites too that can prove beneficial to your business' online marketing strategy.

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, here are a few other social media channels you can use to market your product.

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Which is the one place that everyone goes to in order to watch and share video content online? Yes, it's obviously YouTube. After Google, YouTube has the second largest amount of organic searches. Therefore, if your brand is not on this social channel already, you need to join the bandwagon today. From videos and movies to personal vlogs and independent films, YouTube has it all under one roof.


In the last few years, Pinterest has become a major player in search world of social networking. This site is proof of how important visual content has become on the web. It is the fastest standalone site ever to reach 10 million unique visits monthly. Now, Pinterest also features the 'Buy' button on pins of products which makes great business sense for brands.


Snapchat is a mobile-based application that thrives on instant messaging. Today, it is one of the fastest growing apps which has built its popularity on the idea of vanishing snaps. Users love this app because it takes the pressure off sharing something with everyone like they would have to on traditional social sites. This app makes great business sense if you have a young target audience to cater to.


Tumblr is an extensively used social blogging platform that's majorly used by teens and young adults. Just like Pinterest, it is popular for sharing visual content. Users can create blog posts and customize their blog theme as per their liking. If brands post great content, they can end up with thousands of reblogs and likes depending on how far the content gets pushed in the Tumblr community.


Periscope is yet another mobile application. It helps to broadcast live web videos. If you start a new broadcast, you can send instant notifications to people so they can tune in and start interacting. Periscope is growing at a rapid rate and businesses can get on it for real-time engagement with a whole new follower base.

Social media operates differently for every business, region and target audience. Move beyond your comfort zone and evaluate whether or not the above mentioned sites would work for your brand.

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