Use these 6 websites to help you find the freelancing job you want


Whether you are looking for additional ways to earn extra money or want to make it big as a freelancer in your profession, freelance websites have something to offer to everyone. Millions of individuals worldwide are reaping the benefits of professional freelancing, and therefore more and more freelance websites are cropping up with each passing year. With so many websites at your disposal, it can get confusing for a newbie freelancer to decide which one is better than the others.

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From earning extra pocket money to turning a hobby into a side-job, here are six of the best freelance sites to help you find work as a freelancer:


A great website for experienced software developers, Toptal is a recent player in the freelance game. The company's screening process weeds out mediocre talent and showcases only the best of the best across multiple categories. If you manage to get through the screening process, the service pays really well and sets you up with short-term as well as long-term projects depending upon your skill set.


This site has jobs for every type of freelancer and it boasts over 1.5 million clients. Whether you have entry-level skills or are an expert in your field, you can find work on this site that pays you by the hour or per project depending upon your preference. Because of the vast availability of work, anyone can find work through this platform.


This website specially provides work around the globe for creative as well as digital marketing professionals. It provides opportunities to freelancers to work on-site or remotely, and it enables freelancers to find contract-to-hire jobs. The website also hosts free online courses that provide training to freelancers to help them hone and sharpen their skills.


On Croogster, clients as well as freelancers can post what they are looking for and what they can offer. Freelancers can post what they can do, their turnaround time, and how much they charge. Seeing this, clients can approach them for projects they want completed. Similarly, clients can post their requirements and freelancers can approach them if they are interested.


This website functions differently as compared to other traditional freelance platforms. Here, freelancers create their own jobs based upon their expertise. They are able to market their services to companies and put their gigs into different categories by making use of keywords that show up in different searches.


This freelance website specializes in editing, content creation, and monitoring for online retailers and publishers. It has one of the largest freelance teams, and what is unique is that this platform breaks large tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. If a freelancer's work is good, they receive good compensation and more work.

A large chunk of our nation's workforce is taking up either part-time or full-time freelancing. Go through the above-mentioned websites to see which platforms serve your needs best so you can stay ahead of the rest.

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