6 things to get your boss on his birthday


Shopping for your boss can be a bit tricky. Not everyone's relationship with their higher-ups is the same. While some are terrified of their supervisor, some others are buddies with their bosses. If your boss has been your mentor and support system at the workplace, what better way to show him your appreciation than by getting him/her a little something?

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If you're close to your boss, you probably have a better idea of his likes and dislikes. However, if you're new to the job or your boss is just someone who signs your cheques, here are a few fun and affordable gift ideas you can go for.

Desk signs

Get your boss a cool wooden sign that will occupy a proud place on his desk. The sign can have sassy wordings like 'I'm kind of a big deal' or 'I'm not bossy. I am the boss!' These desk signs are not only easy on the pocket, but they are also awesome and unconventional.


Have you recently heard your boss talk about the books that are on his reading wish list? If yes, what better gift to give your boss on his birthday than the books he's been longing to read? Gifting someone books is an extremely thoughtful gesture. It shows that you're attentive by nature. If you're unsure about the books your boss likes to read, you can always get him a gift card from the local bookstore.


Is your boss into the habit of writing every little thing down? Is he meticulous to a fault? If the answer is yes, a planner is just the right gift for him. A good planner should not only be trendy, but it needs to have all the relevant blocks for all the important details. Make sure you choose one that is synonymous with your boss' taste so your gift comes across as well-planned.

Gift basket

This is the perfect gift for a foodie boss. One can rarely go wrong with a basket full of delicious snacks. Observe what tickles your boss' taste buds and make a basket full of the food he likes. From juices and cookies to flavored teas and health bars, there is no rule that specifies what you can and cannot include in the basket.

Business card case

Having a stylish business card holder is almost as important as having a well-designed business card. Choose one that is light weight and subtle. Impress your boss with this stylish and thoughtful gift which he can use to impress others.

Choose a gift that is in sync with your boss' personality and sense of humor. The above mentioned six ideas will definitely put you in your manager's good graces.

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