These career blunders could actually be blessings in disguise


Whether you're just starting out, or have been working for decades, everyone messes up now and then. We are human, and are bound to make some pretty big mistakes in our career. But each mistake we make has the ability to teach us something valuable which we might not learn otherwise. Instead of reminiscing over your mistakes, make sure you move past them and never repeat them again. Treat each blunder as a critical part of growing, both professionally as well as personally.

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Here are a few mistakes that are actually good for your career:

Going for an interview unprepared

The interview room is one place where you need to prove your worth to your interviewer and convince him/her to hire you. However, if you go for an interview unprepared, you set yourself up for failure. If you're unsure how to answer questions like “what makes you think you're the best person for this job” and “what do you think about the most recent project we've done”, you'll prove to your interviewer that you're not ready for what they have to offer. However, nothing will get you interview-ready as quickly as showing up unprepared just once.

Working in an industry that doesn't suit you

Everybody makes career mistakes in their 20s. Working in an industry that you have absolutely no interest in is just one of them. You will realize where your interests lie only when you allow yourself to move around a little. Your 20s are your most flexible period and you should use this time to try a few fields. Vera Wang, for example, didn't start designing clothes until she was well in her 40s.

Not developing your personal brand

If you want to last long in your industry and be a force to reckon with, you need to build your personal brand. However, most of us breeze through our 20s without a care in the world. It's only later that we realize the importance of building a personal brand. This is actually a good thing because then you can build a much more solid personal brand than creating one in your early years when you don't have the experience to back it up.

Not delivering on your promises

When you're new to the professional world, you want to impress your seniors and colleagues, because of which you'll do anything to prove your worth. Most of us end up overpromising and not coming through. However, that's a great lesson to learn – once you've disappointed yourself and your boss because of your big promises, you'll be careful to be realistic about what you can offer.

It's true that career blunders are embarrassing, and they can go a long way in deflating your ego. However, they are also valuable tools that can help you build confidence and improve as a professional. Look at the bright side and focus on the positive takeaways from your blunders.

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