Want to reap big growth in the future? Content engagement could hold the key


Writing good content and hoping it will get noticed is like shooting an arrow without looking at the target. For content to be truly successful, it needs to be appealing enough to attract more and more readers. Moreover, an article must be such that it commands attention when shared on media platforms. Hence, content engagement must be prioritised while formulating strategies for marketing. Here are a few out-of-the-box ways to help you create engaging content easily:

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Intriguing past

Concentrate on how to keep the readers engaged from the first line itself. Content must be such that someone reading the first few lines of the article feels like reading the rest of it till the end. Attention must not be diverted. An eye-catching title along with an interesting introduction helps in holding the readers’ concentration. Try to build the readers’ curiosity in the initial part of the article. There must a fluid connection between all the paragraphs in the article. Explain why the article is necessary in their lives. Give them subtle hints as to what the rest of the article might contain. Simple graphics, GIFs, or statistical charts are helpful if included as supplements in such articles. They glue the reader to the article even more. Do not give the whole set of facts away in the beginning itself. Let the readers remain curious till the end.

Employ the style of storytelling

If you write a post in the form of a story, it will surely help readers relate to the content you have jotted down. It makes readers hopeful about something worthwhile. A good storyteller can successfully get a message across to the readers while employing various creative and entertaining ways while doing so. Storytelling makes many complex issues sound very simple, which becomes alluring for the clueless readers also as it helps them acquire knowledge.

Make use of email content

The most typical reason why people do not get attracted to email content is because companies send the same standard message or some promotional message to all their potential customers. Use words in such a way that people are compelled to read your message rather than sending it to the trash can or spam folder. You can make your message an audio-visual one. It becomes more attractive in this manner.

Use videos along with content

A Marketing Sherpa Study has indicated that people are more attracted to those pages which have videos embedded along with content. Videos are usually watched till the end. This can prove to be a powerful addition to the methods of content engagement. Some people may become newly interested in videos of a company. It depends on how effectively we employ content with other supplements so as to attract more footfall and customers.

A page of good content has great potential. It is something which keeps on giving to the customers. Research a topic thoroughly before you decide to write on it. This will surely further engage readers in your content.

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