The 5 most annoying things coworkers do, and how to deal with them


Do you often find yourself frustrated with your colleagues? Does Vivek have this annoying habit of playing loud music? Is Rahul in the habit of having long and loud conversations on his phone at his desk? Fret not – you're not the only one facing these problems. Sometimes people don't realize that their habit is the source of annoyance for others unless they are made aware of it. Sometimes, even after being aware, they don't put a stop to what they are doing.

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The truth is, office life isn't just about completing task lists. It's also about petty mind games and silly politics that people indulge in to take the monotony out of work. Here are five annoying things people are known to do at work:

Colleagues who talk about themselves endlessly

Sure, your baby girl just took her first steps, or you adopted an adorable puppy. It is alright to share this news with your coworkers, but make sure you're not interrupting someone in the middle of their work to share this news. Also, don't make every conversation about yourself. Friendships are cultivated when people give each other a chance to talk.

Colleagues who ask too many personal questions

Unless you're extremely friendly with your colleagues, avoid asking too many personal questions. For example, enquiring after somebody's sexual orientation isn't the smartest move. Remember, your colleagues are just that – your colleagues. They aren't your friends. If someone wanted you to know a personal detail of their life, they would have revealed it already.

Colleagues who don't maintain good personal hygiene

Coworkers who use cologne to cover up the stench that emanates from not taking a shower need to improve their sense of personal hygiene. It doesn't take hours to use some soap and stand under running water. Also, make sure your nails are cut and clean and your socks aren't stinky. Bad hygiene will result in others maintaining a safe distance from you.

Colleagues who frequently play the blame game

Did a certain project fail to go according to your plan? It's alright to mess up once in a while. But it's not alright to put the blame on someone else. Unfortunately, throwing teammates under the bus is a common workplace problem. If you don't treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated, don't be surprised if they sling mud at you in return.

Colleagues who are in a constant state of neediness

Needy coworkers require constant assistance, attention, and praise. These colleagues throw a tantrum when you don't invite them for lunch, and pout when you don't listen to all their stories. They are constantly asking for help with one task or another. If you have the misfortune of dealing with such a colleague, be straightforward without being mean.

People learn to maintain their distance from coworkers who can't think beyond themselves. Be careful and don't let the above-mentioned annoying habits be the cause of your failure.

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