Wondering whether to promote an employee? Use these tips for guidance


Good work always gets rewarded, first and foremost by the one who created it. The sense of achievement and fulfillment that comes with starting and finishing a job in a desired manner is akin to climbing Mount Everest or winning the marathon. From the moment of preparation, to execution to savouring the result of one’s pursuit is extremely exhilarating for the spirit and the body. However, in a corporate setup, such emotions are often dependent on external parties – chiefly the boss. As the boss, it’s your duty to keep your ace employees motivated. From a pat on the back to a raise in salary and designation can do wonders and go a long way in winning loyalty and comradeship. But the question to ask here is – when? Here are a few pointers that will help you know when an employee deserves a promotion:

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He/she is a responsible individual

Responsibility is one’s ability to respond – to crisis or triumphs. In a corporate setup it doesn’t do to get carried away by either. So if you spot an employee who is level-headed in both scenarios, you must consider him/her for a position-lift.

Must share good rapport with colleagues

According to advice guru Kimberly Giles, “You can easily teach technical skills and systems, but people skills and communication skills are harder to teach.”

A true leader aims to inculcate other leaders within the group. In order to find one, you must seek out individuals who fare well with their colleagues and perhaps even with those they don’t frequently work with. These individuals have a natural tendency to attract others and will prove their worth when meeting new clients or investors. Also, once they are in a leadership position themselves, they will be able to rally the masses in a desired direction because of their popularity among their peers.

Thinkers [who] are doers

According to the website Undercover Recruiter, “Think about which members of your workforce have shared their ideas for improving or growing the company over the time that they have been with you. Who are the people who will come up with solutions to problems, rather than just complain?”

Your company will grow only when your employees share your vision of growth. Therefore, this aspect will be a key element when you are looking to dole out employee promotions within your organisation. Look for the ones who frequent your cabin with ideas on improvement within the organisation and for growth of business. If their ideas are something you wish you’d thought of, consider them worthy of a promotion.

Great at prioritizing

According to When I Work, “Employees are ready for a promotion when they make discerning decisions about how to allocate their time and energy. They recognize when something is urgent or integral to business functions – and when it’s not. Rather than reacting to a situation, they approach each task according to its importance to the business and get the job done.”

Time and mind management are some of the most desired aspects in an employee. While some may show signs of being disciplined in the beginning of their tenure with a company [and fall back to bad habits later], there will always be a few who are consistent in the way they prioritize their personal and work lives. They are ones who strive for balance within themselves and the organisation. They will be the easiest to spot because they will be the ones with the least number of frown lines on their foreheads.

Know how to deal with setbacks

According to coach consultant Lynda Foster, “How someone handles and deals with setbacks and obstacles is a legitimate sign that they are willing to learn and will grow into the promotion you would like them to achieve.”

If you see an employee taking ownership and responsibility during a setback by taking charge and preparing their next step to deal with it, know that you’ve found yourself a gem. Such individuals are mature in their thinking and calm in their actions. They will not only possess the right answer during a stress situation, but will be an overall great support system for the entire unit or team.

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