Companies take notice! Gender parity is knocking on your doors


Whether you are an owner or an employee, it's about time you to do your bit to ensure gender equality becomes the norm at your workplace. Yes, we have come a long way since the time women weren't even allowed to work, but there are many miles to go. So, if you have noticed pay disparities or unequal opportunities for women at your workplace, here are five things you can do to fight it off.

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Educate your company's senior management

Make your board of directors as well as senior leadership aware about the legal consequences associated with gender discrimination. This ensures for a climate for equality and more gender-neutral decisions. Training sessions should also focus on the business benefits of gender equality. Companies which ensure gender diversity among their senior management stand a better chance to outperform their competitors. When your company's leaders follow a certain protocol with regards to gender equality, the other employees in your organization are bound to follow.

Fight everyday biases

The senior management of the company should work alongside the HR team to frame policy which doesn't tolerate for gender-based biasness. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding any sort of double standards. For example, what's considered assertive in a man should not be considered unacceptably aggressive in a woman.

Get more women on the board of directors

Having a woman on your company's board of directors reduces any power play that is tipped in the favour of a single gender. In addition, the presence of women on the board sends a powerful message to executive women that they can reach the top just as quickly as their male counterparts.

Overcome pay disparity

While, the ball has started rolling for making pay parity an essential part of company policy, there is still a long way to go before it becomes the nuance. Most companies still have a considerable gender gap when it comes to pay. These gaps can not only be attacked in litigation, but it can also lead to less engagement from talented women. Companies should therefore assess and correct any gaps in compensation if they exist at all.

Social inclusion

Your business needs to practice social inclusion - i.e. inviting your colleagues to be a part of social events. For example, managers invite their male employees for drinks, but often forget their female employees. Managers should make a conscious effort to ensure social inclusion doesn't exclude people based on their gender.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion doesn't just feel good, but it's good for business too. Implement the above mentioned five tactics to fight off gender bias at your workplace.

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