Bringing the axe down – toxic employees for whom a PIP is in vain


If you've had the misfortune of hiring a toxic employee despite your thorough interview process, don't fret as you're not the only one. There are always chances of coming across that rotten apple that brings down the team. If the said transgressor is stubborn about not toeing the line and has a devil may care attitude, then you need to be quick on your toes and weed them out at the earliest. Better to have a limb chopped off than to have the whole body suffer - this is the case for any toxic employee, since they would be a liability that will eventually wreak havoc at your workplace.

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Here are five types of toxic employees you need to get rid of right away.

The bully

Some people bring their high-school playground behavior with them to work. They believe that if they could get away with bullying during school, they can pull similar stunts in the corporate environment too. That is why, as an employer, you need to constantly be on the lookout for bullies. Such an employee usually aligns with a powerful person in the company and uses his friendship to get preferential treatment. If you see an employee stepping over the line too often, you have to let them go.

The freeloader

Such personalities are experts at getting other to do their biddings, be it colleagues or even superiors. The ineptitude aside, you can be assured of their indulgence in whining over them being "overworked". Their duplicitous behaviour is bound to bring team morale and the general environment down. But before you take them to the corporate gallows, ensure you give them enough chances to rectify their performance. If it's a measure in vain, then bring the axe down without any impunity.

The grump

No matter how hard you try, this person is always sulking about one thing or another. The workload is too much or the deadlines are unreasonable; there is nothing you can do to make this person content and happy. He not only affects himself with this kind of behavior, but his negativity has a bad effect on his coworkers too. Chances are low that this person will ever try to change their attitude and you just might have to put them out of their misery.

The gossipmonger

This employee spends five out of eight working hours gossiping about anything and everything. You can usually find them at the center of an office drama, pitting one colleague against another. Show them the pink slip, before they turn to be the cause of repeated disruptions in the workplace, costing the company its productivity and employee engagement.

The renegade

The rebel without a cause, this category of employee/s will always be a thorn for management. From refusal to follow instructions, costing the company money and time, risking clients etc., they will do whatever in their capacity to give you sleepless nights. If repeated measures to second chances are taken for granted, don't hesitate to send them packing.

All employees should strive to coexist happily and peacefully with one another. If someone is causing more trouble than their worth, it's time to fire them without a second thought.

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