Google's A-to-Z guide on effective management strategies


Talk to any Google manager and he/she will tell you that they learnt a great deal about managing and leadership working at the tech giant's office. With Google alumni spread across the tech industry, they take their teachings accrued from the tech giant and impart it to others. While Google has a reputation for being a 'carefree' place, it is still a huge business that has all its bearings in place, where it takes mediocre managers and turns them into excellent leaders.

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Here are five things new managers learn working at Google.

Be shrewd when it comes to hiring

There will be times when staff shortage will be an urgent matter, but don't give in to pressure and hire someone that you don't believe in. Just because there is nothing negative about a particular person, it doesn't make them the best choice for the job. Instead, conduct some more interviews and explore your options. Find someone who you are truly impressed with and who according to you is the perfect fit for the job.

You don't have to know everything about everything

Just because you're a manager now, you don't have to know everything about everything. While you do need to have a broader understanding of what's going on, you don't need to have answers to all the questions. So focus on knowing the people who know things, and if needed, guide your team members to the right channel or resource.

Set your eyes on long-term goals

Talk to any Google manager and he will tell you that the company has always been focused on long term goals. The tech giant always positions itself for the future. From creating software infrastructure like Big Table to investing in people, Google always strives to look beyond the horizon. Former as well as current managers will tell you that Google's focus is always on its users and there's always a constant need to improve their experience.

Be receptive

As a new manager, you always expect the people around you to listen to you. However, Google's managers believe that the best results come from doing the exact opposite - listening to others. When you listen to what your team members have to say, you make better decisions.

Be transparent

Google is high on transparency, whether the communication is top-down or bottom-up. Google encourages a work culture where anyone at any level is free to ask questions. The tech giant makes use of something known as the Google Moderator where people can submit their questions, ideas and suggestions anonymously.

Google understands how important it is for new managers to learn and grow. If you're going to take on a leadership role anytime soon, be sure to implement the above points in your day-to-day dealings to make yourself a better manager.

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