Growing importance of mobile CRM apps for startups to increase sales


Startups typically look for very rapid growth with very limited resources and disruptive ideas. Faster sales will require mobile customer relationship management (CRM) apps for startups. 

In this competitive era, startups cannot thrive without proper CRM systems. The advent of SAAS and mobile technology has made it possible for SMEs and startups to achieve goals of faster growth without spending a fortune.

Startups cannot think of a growth strategy without a proper mobile CRM.

Mobile CRM is so efficient because it provides access to vital information on fingertips; anywhere, anytime, and everywhere. An even bigger reason for its importance is its ability to capture data automatically from mobile devices.

Business benefits of mobile CRM app

There is also one simple reason for mobile CRM being so popular — there are more mobiles than PCs. Not only are the mobile devices more in absolute numbers but the growth rate for mobile devices is also considerably more than PCs. Based on 2016 surveys, there were nearly 150 million PCs whereas smartphone mobile devices had crossed 300 million. The PC market in India is roughly around 4.35 million units with a declining rate of 12–16 percent Y.O.Y. whereas the mobile market is growing at a much faster rate.

A sales executive with a Rs 6,000 smartphone and a powerful mobile CRM app can achieve much more than a PC; that too, much more efficiently.

Lead management and sales tracking on the go

The top management in a typical startup is obsessed with fast growth. They are almost always on the move, managing so many things at the same time. Mobile CRM gives them the ability to manage sales quickly and more efficiently from wherever they are.

Coordinating the team’s efforts

Mobile CRM keeps team members informed about all the activities done with clients by all the other team members. It is a huge time saver and efficiency booster. Imagine the benefit when you open a customer contact and know that your colleague had a meeting with her two days ago and you also see an image of the meeting taken by the mobile CRM app.

It's not just a mobile app

Yes, mobile CRM is not just another mobile app. In fact, mobile CRM is always an extension of a bigger and more comprehensive cloud-based CRM system, which means it has huge storage and computing capabilities online. Mobile apps are lightweight and fast since they communicate with online servers. CRM apps are generally linked with websites, portals, and also ERP applications used by startups, which eliminate duplication of work to a large extent.

Don't lose the focus

Most of the mobile CRM apps in the market have an active dashboard and notification system. This removes that extra clutter and allows the team to be focused on important and urgent activities currently in hand. Fortune is in the follow-up; a mobile CRM makes sure you never miss a follow-up.

Reduced data entry load

Mobile CRM apps have this great advantage of capturing data automatically, which is a great time saver for users. Important communications like emails, SMS, and calls are logged automatically. Further, meetings and visits can be logged with just a few clicks.

Nobody loves data entry. Mobile CRM is loved by all because it reduces or eliminates data entry work.

Some helpful features of mobile CRM apps

Mobile CRM apps are not just responsive websites opened in mobile browsers but native mobile Apps designed for Android, iOS, and other platforms. There are many features of a mobile CRM which are very helpful for startups.

Mobile CRM helps improve data quality by enabling the field staff to correct incomplete and incorrect information immediately.

Some mobility features like geolocation tagging can assist in automating lead allocation based on locations of customer and sales representatives.


In current times, it might be difficult to think of a startup becoming successful without a proper CRM policy in place. But it will be impossible to think of a CRM with a decent Mobile CRM App. Improved and low-cost smartphone devices combined with SAAS technology platforms enable startups to take benefit of CRM without burning holes in their pockets.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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