When the going gets tough, leaders get going


Good leadership is easy when everything is sailing smoothly. However, a leader's true colors are revealed in times of difficulty and turmoil. Instead of cowering in indecision, a leader should face complex situations boldly, by setting examples by which team members can derive inspiration and motivation.

It is a given that a good leader needs to step up during difficult times and fight for his organization as well as that of his employees. Giving up is never an option for successful leaders.

Here are five things every leader must do when times get tough.

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Keep your fear in check

Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear. On the contrary, it is the ability to overcome your fear and charge ahead in the face of adversity. During hardships, your team expects you to show them the way forward. If you are unable to keep your emotions in control, your team members will pick on your fear and it will become contagious faster than you think. You, therefore, need to make your team believe that you are in control and reflect confidence about your decisions.

Open all doors of communication

If you didn't communicate enough with your team members before, it is time to start communicating now. It is easier to take cover and lock yourself in a room and get to the bottom of the problem. However, that's a dangerous inclination. Make communicating with your team a priority and let them know their contributions count.

Don't lose hope

This can't be said enough, never lose hope and fail to see the light at the end of the proverbial dungeon that is entrepreneurship. As a leader you must be on your toes and keep working with your team to find a solution. If you lose hope, your team members will lose hope as well and that won't do any good to their collective as well as individual morale. Instead, give your team members a pep talk to keep them going. Find the much-needed reassurance you're looking for in their vigor.

Fallback on your preparation

Always have a safety or fallback plan in order, which focuses exclusively on the obstacles that might surmise unexpectedly. Always think beforehand about how you'll react in tough situations, so you can react and adapt quickly in crucial moments. For example, if your major investor pulls out, you must have a safety net in the form of rainy day funds to keep you afloat.

Embrace change

If a major adversity has changed the face of your company, you need to accept that your organization will never be the same again. Till you don't embrace change graciously, your team members will be resistant to change. Whether it is a change in your location of operation or a change in structure, you need to assure your employees that the change is good or if it isn't already, it will be in due time.

Being a great leader in hard times isn't a Herculean task. Follow the above mentioned five tips to stay patient till the difficulty tides over.

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