Struggling with online trends? Look up these YouTubers to know the current wave


During the initial years, YouTube may have just served as a basic content sharing platform, revolutionary nonetheless, but over time it has been a revelation in online trends and digital visibility - for brands and individuals alike. With a user base running into billions, YouTube has rapidly evolved into a business avenue, with successful YouTubers raking big bucks and fame all thanks to cleverly packaged content, targeting a digital generation who is hooked on to their screens.

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Here are a few YouTubers you must follow if you are trying to make it big in marketing. There is something to learn from each one of them.


Superwoman, whose birth name is Lilly Singh, is one of the most famous YouTubers of Indian descents. She started her YouTube channel in October 2010 and today her videos boast of more than a billion views. Her channel has 12 million subscribers and counting. What's more? Lilly is one of the highest paid YouTubers. She reportedly earned $3 million in 2015. She frequently portrays Punjabi culture in her videos and is a feminist YouTuber.

Bethany Mota

A YouTuber from California, Bethany Mota is known to post videos about her biggest passion - fashion and style. She posts videos of all things related to fashion on her YouTube - be it DIY ideas, outfit ideas, makeup and hair tutorials and the likes. Due to her immense success on YouTube, she ended up live TV with the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Her YouTube channel has more than 10 million subscribers. Follow her if you want to make it big in fashion and beauty marketing.


TheFineBros have been creating online content since the year 2004. Several people consider them as the first YouTube stars ever. Their channel has more than 16 million subscribers and they are the creators of the extremely famous React series. In the various videos of React, TheFineBros show viral video content to kids and adults alike, and film their reactions. If you need inspiration on showcasing the same content in a 100 different ways, don't look beyond this YouTube channel.


The undisputed king of YouTube, PewDiePie is a Swedish comedian who has taken the online world by storm. He has more than 57 million subscribers on YouTube and he has the good fortune of being the richest and most famous YouTuber in the world. In 2014, his channel surpassed Rihanna's Vevo account on YouTube to become the most viewed channel in the history of YouTube.


Yet another beauty vlogger, Yuva is a 22-year-old Mexican who shot to fame by posting makeup, hair and other beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. She even has a second channel where she talks about her everyday life outside of her tutorials. Yuva's beauty tutorial channel has garnered so much recognition that she's been featured in Vogue as well as on Mexican television.

Over the years, YouTube has produced its own superstars who have used ingenious ideas to attract viewers to their channels. Follow the above mentioned five YouTubers if you want to understand the important components of a campaign and consequently, how to succeed as a marketer.

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