Web traffic a concern? Use these tips to boost traction


Ask any entrepreneur what they'd like to have the most and their unanimous answer would mostly be "more customers". In this time and era, one of the simplest ways to increase your customer base is through your website. However, several small-time or startup entrepreneurs feel like the deck is stacked against them when it comes to digital marketing as most don't have massive budgets like their big-time competitors.

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So the question remains - how can small and medium-sized businesses increase traffic on their website without spending a bomb? Here are a few ways you can boost your web traffic and grow your business.

Write catchy headlines

Whether it is an article or an advertisement, the headline is the most important part of any content piece. Since people today have a short attention span and you have about a few seconds before they scroll over your advertisement, the catchiness of the material is of the essence. If it's a jingle then it must have a ring to it, if a blog piece then a compelling headline. Spend majority of your content creation time on perfecting headlines. The right headline will capture your audience's attention and drive them to your site.

Cross-promote your blogs

If you want to increase the reach of your blogs, you need to share them on social networking sites your brand is active on. While some of your target audience is present on Facebook, others might be present on Twitter. By cross-promoting your blogs, you can reach a wide variety of audience which leads to more website visitors.

Give guest blogging a chance

Contributing to other websites as a guest blogger is a great way to drive traffic to your own website. Start by securing a guest post on a reputable site. While this may not result in immediate viewers, your blog will gain visibility. To become a contributor, you need to hone your craft when it comes to writing, so start small and work your way up.

Start a podcast

Podcasts are not only a sure shot way of driving traffic to your site, but also cement your thought leader status. However, for podcasts to be successful, you need to be consistent and well-researched. At first, you may feel like you're talking to an empty room but if you provide valid information and consistency, then your audience size will eventually grow.

Pictures speak louder than words

Eye-catching pictures can do wonders for your web traffic. Eye-catching photos make your blog more visually appealing so users stay longer on your website. The use of good pictures makes your content more shareable on social media. When you combine a powerful headline with a strong image, you give your ads and articles the best opportunity to generate traffic and clicks.

You're now armed with the best action steps. Start putting the above mentioned points to work to take your website to the next level.

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