5 tips for creating an outstanding offer for your consumers


An offer is the final place where you tell your customers what you are giving them in exchange for their money. Whatever the format of an offer, the content remains almost the same, and there are some crucial points you need to cover to help increase your likelihood of making a sale. From sales videos to a pitch on the stage, there are a variety of ways in which you can make an irresistibly compelling offer. Most people believe that the buy button on a sales page is what an offer is, but they couldn't be more wrong. An offer is a lot more than saying you get this if you give me X amount of rupees. A good offer includes several things such as risk reversal, price justification, and a background story.

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Here are five elements of an irresistibly compelling offer:

Make the offer attractive

If your offer is bland, nobody is going to pay any attention to it. A strong offer, on the other hand, gets readers and listeners to act now. For example, instead of writing 'click here to know more', write something catchy and appealing like 'why wait when you can get started right away?'

Create a sense of urgency

Yes, this might seem like an age-old trick, but it always works. If you want your readers or listeners to act instantly, you need to tell them that the offer is valid for a short period of time. When you create a sense of urgency, you goad people into making quick decisions in your favour.

Be vibrant

Most marketers fear coming across as cheesy because of which they don't inject any enthusiasm in their offer. But let's face it – if you're not excited while penning the offer, why would anybody be excited to read it? Don't be afraid to show your brand's vibrant side in the offer. The only way to get people excited about your pitch is by showing them that you really care.


How many times have your refrained from buying something you really liked because of the fear of it getting spoilt too soon? This is where risk-reversal comes into the picture. Use risk-reversal to your advantage by conveying to your prospects that there is no risk involved in purchasing your product and that they can ask for their money back if your product is not to their liking.


Don't just tell your prospects to 'buy now'. Instead, tell them how to do it and why they should be doing it. For example, if you're an e-commerce website, tell your prospects to click the buy button so they can be directed to the page where they will be able to make a secure payment, and that they will receive a confirmation email when their payment is processed. In short, be specific to avoid any confusion.

While creating an offer, stay focused on how your product or service is going to solve the problems faced by your users. While you're at it, remember to be funny and use personal warmth to make your offer all the more appealing.

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