Red flags that tell you it's time to shut your business


At one point or another, several entrepreneurs consider walking away from the business they've built. Lack of money and pure fatigue are usually the top reasons that push entrepreneurs to quit the business that took them years to set up. Of course, making the choice to shut your business down isn't an easy one. It can hurt your pride and leave you more emotional than you thought possible.

However, if you know when to throw in the towel, you can save yourself from further heartbreak and loss of money. These six signs point to the end. Recognize them before it's too late.

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Health has deteriorated

If your mental as well as physical well-being is on the line because of your business, you need to either make some serious amends to your lifestyle and work schedule or you need to shut your business down for good. A little stress is good for business but if you're stressed all the time, then you're bound to suffer a mental breakdown sooner than you think.

Plunging annual revenue goals

When your revenue numbers show a constant decline year after year, you need to take that as an indicator that your business is not doing well. Try to detect this sign as early as possible. Failure to do so will lead you to financial losses.

Burnout of passion

If you're beginning to forget why you started your business in the first place, you need to step back and evaluate where your company is heading. Several entrepreneurs lose their drive to succeed when times get tough. When this happens, their business spirals downwards as there is nobody left to push it forward.

Overlooking customers/ clients

Lately, have you failed to deliver what your customers or clients require? If yes, you might end up losing your customers and your business in the process. For any company, customer is king as they bring in the revenue. However, if you start to put yourself before your customers, take that as a warning sign.

Rising levels of apathy

Apart from making money, people start a business venture to become a better version of themselves. However, if you can't recognize yourself anymore, you need to take a step back and evaluate your options. If your business has turned you into a cold and unfeeling person, you need to shut your business today.

If all the above-mentioned signs are true, you need to thank your company for the memories it has given you and bid it adieu. Cut your losses while you still have the chance and shut it down before it causes you any more damage.

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