Sreeal Technologies aims to become the go-to tech buddy for businesses


In a bid to let businesses and entrepreneurs embrace the power of digital transformation, Sreeal Technologies offers consulting, services and solutions in digital technologies that include web, mobile, cloud, and IoT.

Experts define digital transformation as the fundamental impact digital technologies now have on all aspects of business and society. So today, if advanced tools and technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud, bots, mobile, etc., are helping different industries cater to changing consumer preferences, going ahead, newer and more evolved technologies will digitally empower businesses.  

With the digital boom in the last decade and the government rolling out initiatives like Digital India, digital transformation for businesses today is not an option but a necessity. Technology has disrupted most businesses, and digital transformation provides companies with a competitive edge over their counterparts.

To help businesses go the digital way, Sreeal Technologies, a Hyderabad-based startup, takes care of the technological aspect of a company by stepping in as its digital partner. Launched in 2015, this digitech firm is the brainchild of two sisters – Sneha Raj (31) and A Sahitya Raj (27).

“We want to explore, exploit and capture the potential of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and any other latest technology that evolves with time,” Sahitya remarks.

The company offers consulting, development, support, and maintenance: it has built cloud-based apps, IoT solutions, responsive websites, web apps, mobile native apps and mobile hybrid apps among others.

“Our team is equipped with the knowledge of software and hardware development, cloud technologies, circuit and PCB designing, to provide an end to end IoT solution,” adds Sneha.

Prior to founding Sreeal, Sneha was associated with a US-based firm, Synopsys. She has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and has worked in various industries including semiconductor, solar, etc.

A Sahitya Raj (left) and Sneha Raj

Her sister, Sahitya, has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science. Sahitya is also an Oracle Certified Professional — Java Programmer and Web Component Developer — and has worked as a Systems Software Engineer with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Their company is catering to startups and MSMEs in various industries.

Tracing the eureka moment

In early 2015, Sneha thought of building an android app that would maintain the collected data of residents living in her colony and provide processed information on-demand basis. Seeing the colony guard go door to door and note down information on paper seemed like a waste of resource.

Sneha had never built an app before, but with the help of Sahitya, she realised her first project.

“It took me a month. And then we had the application ‘GMan’ deployed in the community,” recalls Sneha.

The siblings soon discerned that the list of tech problems in our everyday lives was long, and decided to build a business which would extend their technological knowledge to other entrepreneurs, organisations, and businesses. And that’s how Sreeal Technologies was born.

Aiming to digitally empower businesses

The IoT solutions developed by the startup include a portable smart power socket. Any appliance plugged into this socket can be controlled remotely using internet via cloud-based mobile application. This can be extended easily to a complete home automation solution using various sensors.

The company’s other prototypes in IoT include smart feedback system at events and conferences, smart lighting in a community temple, remote weather monitoring system, remote water flow control and metering, smart watering of plants.

Instead of letting clients fit their processes into Sreeal Technologies’ solutions, the team offers tailor-made solutions as per their requirements and is also working on building an IoT-based system for remote monitoring of solar power plant.

What lies ahead?

Sreeal Technologies is bootstrapped; it generates revenue from services and does not have any plans to raise funds soon. Its hybrid business model of a solutions and services-based company has made it financially self-sustain itself since its inception.

Backed by a seven-member team, the company has a strong portfolio of global clients and provides services to over 50 clients in India and the US.

It is one of the few startups based in Hyderabad offering services in a wide range of digital technologies.